Autumn 2012
lou starts a presentation series to help new ux design professionals better strategize + plan for their new career
'I've been working on several talks to help fill in an interesting gap ( or between-
Space as I like to call it ) that I fell into early on in my own career as an accomplished ( user ) experience professional. I really hope to give back to the community, make some enemies, and really build up some notoriety as a powerful voice in the field.'

Winter 2011
lou earns an MFA in Communication Design from The Dynamic Media Institute at The Massachusetts
College of Art and Design

lou's critically acclaimed design research and writings focused on the cyberSurreal investigation of found systems led him to critical analysis of humor, laughter and the areas inbetween — his controversial thesis 'confounded: future fetish design performance for human advocacy' examines 4 major streams of subconsciousness design research through numerous newly defined aktion design methodologies that leverage user-centered design and performance art

Winter 2010
Carol graduates from Animation Mentor
After several years learning traditional foundations in animation using Maya, Carol graduated from the rigorous program at Animation Mentor. For the final semesters Carol focused on developing a unique story, refining the story, pitching her ideas, and finally producing her very own a short animated feature.

Autumn 2012
Getting mobile + ubiquitous at Mobiquity
lou joined the UX / Creative Team at Mobiquity as Senior User Experience and Innovation Architect in late January 2012 and continues to push the so-called design envelope for The Mob's ample and growing list of fortune 1000 clientelle — Mobiquity creates innovative and engaging enterprise-class mobile solutions and apps that drive business value | read more :: >>

Autumn 2012
The latest BXOS !nteractive! work
Social Media North: rants, design thought + blogging about the social web
Trilogy Law: the official Trilogy Law website

April 2011
BXOS !nteractive! partners with most wanted consultants to create MassArt Made's embeddedStory System
Throughout the Fall of 2010, DMI design partners Joseph Liberty, Andrew Ellis and lou suSi worked with MassArt Made store manager Ginger Russell to create a unique, QR code-driven in-store audio experience that magically plays an artist story for selected items in the store

2012 BXOS Oeuvre
The BXOS Oeuvre continues to grow
Our work becomes more and more eclectic as the years go by, but one common trend shows an increasing push into more and more innovative spaces — recent work concentrates on serious user experience design following a 'Story First' philosophy
request BXOS portfolio :: >>

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Autumn 2012
November 2012 UX Roundtable
Fellow Mob UX professional Rob Fitzgibbon and I will co-host and co-moderate a UX Roundtable at Mobiquity's Waltham Office on Wednesday, November 14th to discuss the timely topic 'Immobilized: How the Push for ‘Mobile First’ Confounds User-Centered Design' — the event is fun and free, drop me a line if you're interested in participating

2012 Continued Poetics
lou suSi still works up 2 collections
Along with his recent retrospective collection of early works, lou is also planning on putting together 2 new bodies of work that deal with technology and other entertaining human modernities

Summer 2012
lou teaches Interaction Design at MassArt
This Summer lou taught his second semester of Interaction Design for MassArt's Continuing Education program — recent student Ann Kirchner gave the following feedback testimony, 'Without knowing anything about interaction design ( coming into the class ), I expected ( the course to
be ) something sterile, but instead ( I found the course ) was incredibly human'

Previously ( from 2007-2008 ) + Now
BijaXOuS suPpleMente design plans
for several new publications

Following the success of Chris Borden's 'Thunks From Me Head' and Catherine Wang Hsu's 'Shadows and Light', BXOS plans to work with Outloud Open Mike on
a poetry, prose and art journal in the near future as well as an eventual print periodical version of BijaXOuS suPpleMente — there are also plans to continue his work from DMI in a series of investigational reports called 'deletedStreams'